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440 Scope Plus Digital Multimeter

440 Scope Plus Digital Multimeter


The hand held 440 scope plus features an easy to use combination of a single input 1 MHz oscilloscope with True RMS DMM.

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The TPI 440 is a hand-held oscilloscope plus autoranging DMM. The instruments large, backlit LCD display shows a reading and waveform simultaneously. In addition to the standard functions of ACV, DCV, ACA, DCA, Ω, Diode Test and Continuity Buzzer; the 440 measures Frequency (Hz),Capacitance, Logic and Component test functions. The 440 also has RS232 output and software for interfacing with a PC is offered as an optional accessory.

The versatile handheld TPI 440 is a customer winner.

Technicians appreciate the bright backlight of the 3″ x 3″ cold cathode flourescent display and rugged construction inside and out.

6 Instruments in 1:

  • Auto Ranging 4,000 Count True RMS DMM: TPI’s 440 has 9 measurement functions and 0.3% basic DC accuracy.
  • 1 MHz Oscilloscope: View industrial power signals such as motor controls, UPS, switching power supplies, and PLC controls with detail and clarity.
  • Trend Mode: Graph readings over a predetermined time period to check for surges or dropouts.
  • Component Test: Check voltage-current signatures on resistors, capacitors, and semiconductors.
  • Logic Test: Indicates transitions up to 2 MHz.
  • Frequency Counter: Measure low frequency signals from 1Hz to 2 MHz and display duty cycle, pulse width and period.
  • PC/Printer Compatibility to RS-232C Port Optional accessory A402 allows user to download data or waveforms to PC for archiving, processing, and report generation. Ideal for extended monitoring.

The 440 comes complete with the following accessories:

  • 440 Instrument
  • Standard Test Lead Set
  • Charger/adapter
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Instruction Manual
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