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717R Kit 3


The TPI 717R Flue Gas Combustion Analyser is a state of the art, easy to use analyser designed not only to display and calculate the required readings from a flue but also to cover most of the other desirable parameters associated with appliance installation and maintenance.

Kit 3 contains all Standard Accessories and includes:
A740 Infrared Printer
2 X CK21M Pipe Clamp Probes
CPA1 Probe Kit

In stock


717R Kit 3 with Standard Accessories and includes:
A740 Infrared Printer
2 X CK21M Pipe Clamps
CPA1 Probe Kit

  • TPI 717R Analyser
  • H2 ready! EN50379 compliant
  • Rubber Boot (A765)
  • Soft Carrying Case (A768)
  • Sampling Probe (c/w Type “K” Thermocouple)
  • In-Line Water Trap Bowl Filter (c/w Spare Particle Filter)
  • Battery Charger (A766)
  • Mini In-Line Pump Protection Filter (c/w 5 spare filters)
  • Exhaust Spigot Removable (A764)
  • Battery Charger (A766) – 1 each
  • Mini Pump Protection Filter Assembly (A763) – 1 each
  • Exhaust Spigot Removable (A764) – 1 each
  • Pressure Tubing (2 x 1 metres)

For full product details and Kit Options please visit the product page here 717R Flue Gas Analyser

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 46 × 30 × 19 cm



  • Combustion Efficiency Analyser: Measure O2, CO, and flue temperature. Calculate efficiency, excess air, CO2 & (CO/CO2) Ratio.
  • CO Analyser: Measure carbon monoxide in ambient air.
  • Differential Manometer: +/- 150 mBar (0.01 mBar resolution). Great for tightness/let by or burner pressure testing.
  • Differential Thermometer: Dual input K-Type thermocouple thermometer measures differential temperatures. Ideal for measuring & recording flow & return temperatures.
  • Six Year Warranty

All of the features of the 709R plus:

  • Timed Let/By & Tightness Test
  • Timed CO Build-Up Room Test
  • Integrated Magnet
  • Calibration Due Countdown on switch on
  • Serial Number on Print-Outs
  • Next Calibration Due Date on Print-Outs


The TPI 717R conforms to EN50379 and is suitable for engineers working with BS7967, the usage standard.

Serial Number & Next Cal Due Date are printed at the bottom of each print-out ensuring that you always know your readings have been taken with the correct in-calibration flue gas analyser giving you complete peace of mind.

HHIC: The Heating & Hotwater Industry Council made a recommendation that from April 2013 that the CO level & CO/CO2 (Ratio) reading in a flue is recorded when a boiler is commissioned and that this practise become mandatory from April 2014. Please click here for further details.

The recording of the CO level and Ratio reading will become a mandatory part of completing the Benchmark Form.

Combustion Performance Analysis (CPA1): From April 2012 it has been compulsory for all engineers to acquire CPA1 Assessment to prove their competency in using a Flue Gas Analyser. Please click here for complete details.


717R Data Sheet

717R Instruction Manual


Model 717R Specifications
 Operating Temperature Range 14°F to +122°F (-10°C to +50°C)
 Battery / Batery Life Rechargeable Ni-MH / > 6 Hours
 Charger Input Voltage 115V or 230V : 50/60 Hz AC
 Fuels Natural Gas, LPG, Light Oil, Heavy Oil, Bituminous Coal, Anthracite Coal, Coke, Butane, Wood, Bagasse
 Pressure Ranges mbar, kPa & inH2O
 Display Backlit Graphic LCD
 Data Storage 50 sets of readings, multiple pages
 Time and Date 24 Hour Real Time Clock
 Dimensions 200mm x 90mm x 60mm
 Weight 500g
 Casing Rubber Boot as Standard
 Switch Off Failsafe
 Exhaust Safety Spigot
 Conforms to EN50379


 Flue Temperature Probe
 Construction  Pistol Grip with Stainless Steel Shaft
 Hose Length  2500mm
 Insertion Length  200mm
 ‘K’ Type Thermocouple Accuracy  +/- 0.3%, +/- 1˚C
 Maximum Temperature  800°C


 Gases  Range  Resolution  Accuracy
 Oxygen  0-25%  0.1%  +/- 0.3%
 Carbon Monoxide  0-10,000 ppm  1 ppm  <20ppm +/- 3 ppm
>100ppm +/- 5%
 Carbon Dioxide (calculated)  0-25%  0.1%  +/- 0.3%
 Combustion Efficiency  0-100%  0.1%


 Pressure Measurement
 Selectable Ranges  mbar, kPa and inH2O
 Range  – 150 mbar to + 150 mbar
 Resolution  0.01 mbar & 0.1 mbar
 Accuracy  +/- 0.5% fsd

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