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193A True-RMS Auto Ranging Automotive DMM


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  • LCD Display
    40000 count with 42 segment bar graph.
  • REC (Record Mode)
    Store minimum, maximum, and average readings over a measurement period
    Manually select the appropriate range
  • AC/DC
    Manually select AC or DC measurement function.
    Toggle between functions on Ohm, TEMP, and IG modes
  • Hz (Frequency)
    Measure the frequency of sensors and signals
  • Ω (Ohms, Resistance)
    Measure the resistance of spark plug wires, coils, sensors, and continuity of wiring
  • ACmV and DCmV Ranges
    Additional 40 millivolt DC range with 0.01mV resolution for improved accuracy when performing low voltage measurements.
  • DCV, ACV (DC Volts, AC Volts)
    Measure the voltage of circuits and sensors. Measure the voltage of ABS wheel sensors
  • REL (Relative Mode)
    Factor out lead resistance for improved low ohm measurements or compare readings to a known standard. Can also be used for differential measurements.
  • CYL (Cylinder)
    Selects the number of cylinders in IG mode
  • HOLD
    Lock the reading on the display for hard to read locations or future reference
  • PEAK-H (Peak Hold)
    Capture signals spikes as fast as 1mS to diagnose intermittent events
  • TEMP (Temperature)
    Measure temperature with included temperature probe
  • AC/DC Current Functions
    Measure the parasitic draw from the battery
  • Capacitance
    Measure the capacitance of condensers or capacitors found in today’s hybrid automobiles.
  • IP, IG (Automotive Functions)
    Measure RPM, Duty, Dwell, mS pulse width, Frequency
  • Built in Tilt Stand
    The tilt stand in built into the instrument housing adding strength and integrity to the design
  • Quickly Test Condition of Internal Fuses
    You can determine the status of the internal fuses before you open the battery/fuse compartment. Simply set the instrument to the diode test function, plug the black test lead into the “VΩ” input jack and touch the prod end of the black lead to the metal inside the “A” or “UAmA” input lack. If the meter reads “OL, the fuse is blown. If there is a reading on the LCD besides “OL”, the fuse is good.
  • Separate Fuse/Battery Compartment
    Easily replace fuses and batteries in this separate compartment. Fuses are clearly labeled with replacement part number.
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