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Bearing and Lubrication Problems? High Maintenance Costs? Reliability Issues? The TPI Solution: Vibration Analysis, Predictive Maintenance and Condition Based Machinery Monitoring.

Vibration analysis can find machine faults in the early stages allowing for planned maintenance to be implemented. Adopting this condition based maintenance has obvious advantages over date fixed, excessive maintenance or even worse, reactive maintenance and repairs.

9070 Smart Vibration Meter

TPI Model 9070 Smart Vibration Meter: vibration analysis at the touch of a button. Overall machine and bearing conditions: vibration values are displayed with color coded alarm levels for ISO values and Bearing Damage (BDU).

Easy vibration analysis: clear picture of machine problems detected with built in band filters:1X (unbalance), 2X (misalignment) and 3X (looseness). Identify complex issues: 800-line spectrum with zoom and cursor.

9071 Smart Vibration Meter BNC Cable Accelerometer with Magnet

The TPI 9071 Smart Vibration Meter BNC Cable Accelerometer with Magnet is a simple, easy to use, low cost vibration meter. Record, analyze and display vibration signals at the push of a button.

TPI 9071 analyzes & interprets readings: ISO machine alarms and BDU reading indicate overall machine and bearing condition; clear picture of machine problems detects imbalance, misalignment and looseness; 800-line spectrum with zoom and cursor to identify complex issues.

9080 Smart Vibration Meter

The TPI 9080 is a simple, easy to use, low cost vibration meter that records, analyzes and displays vibration signals at the push of a button.

Identify the vibration problem: unbalance, misalignment or looseness; in addition to the bearing condition. VibTrend standard software gives you greater ease of use and flexibility.

9041 Ultra II Vibration Analyser

The TPI Model 9041 Ultra II High Specification CBM Data Collector, Vibration Analyzer & Balancer represents the very latest in easy to use high specification maintenance tools, offering extremely high levels of functionality and capability at a very affordable price!

As a high spec CBM data collector and Dynamic 2 plane rotor balancer designed for plant and asset inspections, the Ultra II does it all.

Smart Vibration Monitor 9034 & 9038 Online/Fixed Vibration Monitoring

Smart Vibration Monitor 9034 & 9038: Online/Fixed Vibration Monitoring. 

Single low-cost unit monitors plant with local alarms, connects to high functionality PC analysis software AND connects to cloud-based monitoring and analysis software.

Extremely cost effective: lowest cost/channel industrial vibration monitor/analyzer.

Explore the line of featured TPI Vibration Analysis and Condition Based Monitoring Tools through the short video introductions below:

TPI CBM Product Line Introduction

9080 Smart Vibration Analyzer

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