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TPI specialty testers offer versatility and precision to meet the needs of a variety of jobs and projects.

85C3 4-in-1 Part “P” Loop Tester

The TPI 85, 4-in-1 loop tester, is ideally suited to an engineer involved in Earth Loop testing for Part “P” of the 17th Edition wiring regulations.

The TPI 85C3 kit comes complete with TPI 85 unit, three-pin plug connector, fly test lead set with connectors, all in a specially designed zippered carry case.

390a Salt Meter

Measure Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), salt and temperature for food, water quality and HVAC maintenance.

Easy-to-read LCD display. Measures temperature, TDS concentration and salt levels in solutions.

395 Handheld Refractometer

Use the 395 to determine the freezing point of fluids including those used in hydronic heating systems.

  • Test propylene glycol, ethylene glycol and battery fluids
  • Does not degrade like litmus paper; allows for more accurate readings
  • Cushioned eye piece for easy viewing
  • Smooth focus adjustment for reliable repeat testing

Accurate pH Tester Pen.

  • Wide pH range of 0.10-14.00pH covers most applications
  • Waterproof design protects the meter during use
  • Low power consumption extends battery life for low  operation costs
  • Auto-off function turns power off automatically after 10 minutes
  • Replaceable Glass Test Tip Electrode that screws on for ease of use

TPI AC Volt Testers. Determine the presence or absence of AC voltage without disconnecting the system in question.

  • Model 40 (low voltage): Red glow indicates presence of 24-90 V
  • Model 50: Audible buzzer and visual alarm, red glow indicates presence of 50-1,000 V
505 Optical/Contact Tachometer

Use the 505 photo / contact tachometer to determine RPM and surface speed.

The 505 is a combination photo and contact tachometer that also measures surface speeds of belts and wheels.

The 505L is a combination photo and contact tachometer that also measures surface speeds of belts and wheels.

The TPI 510 is an easy to use, solar irradiance meter for measurement of not only solar radiation, but all measureable light sources including all visible light.

The TPI Solar Meter is state of the art and easy to use. It is designed to measure solar power in W/m2 or BTU (ft2*h).

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