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725L Combustible Gas Leak Detector

Find the source of combustible gas leaks in valves, pipes, and fittings.

40 PPM methane sensitivity, detects combustible gases including: Methane, Butane, Propane, Gasoline, Diesel and Kerosene. Tick rate can be nullified to eliminate background gas concentration and pinpoint the leak source.

  • 40ppm methane sensitivity and bearing defects
  • Trace natural gas lines and fittings for leaks frame to failure
  • Check gas equipment for leaks
  • Test propane tanks, fittings, lines, and heaters for leaks
  • Check propane tanks, fitting lines, and heaters for leaks
  • Test confined spaces for gas build-up

£45.00 RRP exc. VAT


To find combustible gas leaks with this unit follow these simple instructions:

In a clean air environment, press the ON/OFF key to turn the 725L on. Both LED’s will flash as the unit initializes and auto zeroes. When the green LED above the ON/OFF switch flashes and a tick is heard the 725L is ready for use. Trace gas lines, fittings, tanks, and containers for leaks.

Approach suspected leak areas with the sensor. When a leak above 40ppm is detected the 725L tick and green LED flash rate will increase. When the tick rate increases press and release the ON/OFF key to nullify the tick and continue to approach the suspected leak area with the sensor. Continue to nullify the tick when the rate increases until the location of the leak is found. If the tick slows or stops on its own the concentration level has decreased. Move back in the opposite direction to find the leak again. If the leak reaches 1000ppm or above the high LED will illuminate (see below).

To turn the 725L off, press and hold the ON/OFF key down until the unit powers off.

725L slidecard 0214_Layout 1

High: >1000ppm Methane detected
Tick: >40ppm Methane = Increased tick and green LED flash rate.
Ready for use = Slow tick and green LED flash rate
Low batteries = Red LED
On/Off: Press to turn power on and auto zero
Press to nullify tick rate to pinpoint leaks
Press and hold to turn power off

 Model 725L Specifications
 Sensitivity  > 40ppm Methane
 Operating Temp  32° to 104°F or 0° to 40°C
 Response Time  Instantaneous
 Battery  1.5 volt, AAA Alkaline (2 each)
 Battery life  3 hours continuous use
THIS INSTRUMENT is in compliance with EN 50 081-1:1992, EN 50 082-1:1992, IEC 801-2:1984, IEC 801-3:1984, IEC 801-4:1988

TPI Model 725L Demonstration Video

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Click below to view or download product documentation PDFs:

725L Instructions

725L Data Sheet

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