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605BT Digital Vacuum Gauge


Smart Digital Vacuum Gauge (25~12,000m in 7 international units) with Connectivity to FREE, subscription FREE View app

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  • Single input with 12000 to 15 micron range.
  • Seven units of measure (Microns, PSI, InHg, mBar, Pascals, Torr, mTorr)
  • Display – 5 digit.
  • Auto Off – Conserve battery power.
  • Built in hanging hook and back magnets
  • Over pressure protected to 300 psi
  • Cleanable sensor


  • Verify vacuum before charging refrigerant system
  • Prevents moisture and air from remaining in the system
  • Finds small leaks

TPI Smart Probe App
Use the TPI app to display real time readings and record tests.

The app allows the engineer to create unique jobs & the information to be stored and reports sent via email.


605BT Digital Vacuum Gauge Specifications
Measurement Range:Dual input differential12000 to 15 micron
Display:5 Digit LCD
Resolution (max):1 micron
Accuracy:(+/-10% of reading + 10 digits)
Functions:Selectable units of measure
Units of Measure:7 Units (Microns, PSI, InHg, mBar, Pascals, Torr, mTorr)
Battery Type:9V alkaline
Battery Life:200 hours (Typical)
Auto Power Off:10 minutes when measurement is above 12000 microns
Standard Accessories (Included):9V Alkaline battery (A009A)
Communication:Bluetooth version 4.2 (Use with TPI Smart Probe App)


605BT Product Sheet

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