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315C Pocket Digital Thermometer


Compact easy to use thermometer with large display. Auto field calibrate to ±1˚C in less than 10 seconds using ice water.

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Compact easy to use thermometer with large display. Auto field calibrate to ±1˚C in less than 10 seconds using ice water.
  • Field calibrate to ±2°F
  • Tapered stem (3.1 mm diameter) to fit into a Pete’s Plug
  • Reinforced, heavy-duty housing for strength
  • Waterproof (IP63)
  • Penetration tip
  • -58°F to 300°F (-50°C to 150°C)
  • Fits in your pocket
  • 3-year limited warranty

Operating Instructions

315C Operating Instructions
To measure temperature with this unit follow these simple instructions:

Selecting Fahrenheit or Celsius mode:

  • With the unit “OFF” press and continue to hold the ON/ OFF button.
  • The LCD will alternate between °F and °C. Release the ON/OFF button when desired measurement mode appears on the LCD
  • Remove the protective sheath from the stem.
  • Press the ON/OFF button.
  • Insert stem into area or object to be tested. At least 1/2” of the stem must be inserted.

Warning: The stem is a sharp and pointed object which can be dangerous.

The Data Hold function is used by pressing the D-H button when taking a measurement. The measurement will flash on the LCD when Data Hold is in use. To return to normal function, press and release the D-H button a
second time.

Press the ON/OFF button to end operation, or the unit will automatically power off after 35 minutes.

To reverse the LCD to suit your viewing angle:
Insert a small coin into notch in curved area “B”, then gently pry portion “A” from “B”. Shielded wires will keep the two parts connected. Twist the area “A” 180° and snap back into area “B”.



315C Pocket Digital Thermometer Manual

315C Data Sheet


 Model 315C Specifications
 Temperature Range  -58°F to 300°F (-50°C to 150°C)
 Accuracy  +/-2°F (+/-1°C)
 Resolution  0.1°F
 Sample Rate  1 reading every 1.5 seconds
 Stem Length  2.8″”
 Tip Type  Penetration
 Water Resistant  Yes
 Water Proof  N/A
 °C / °F Selectable  Yes
 Data Hold  Yes
 Auto Off  Yes
 Battery Type  LR44


Model 315C Applications


  • Ambient Air
  • Calibrate Thermostats
  • Vents
  • Compressor Heads
  • Registers


  • Motor Temperatures
  • Transformer Temperatures


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check calibration of my pocket thermometer?

Place thermometer in a solution of crushed ice and water, swirl the water around and temperature should read close to 32°F.

Does the whole stem need to be immersed to get an accurate reading?

The sensor is in the tip of the probe and needs to be 1/2 inch into whatever you are measuring.

What battery does my pocket thermometer use?

The LR44 button battery is used in TPI pocket digital thermometers.

Tech Tips

Get more accurate readings by using the right tip for your thermometer:

  • Penetration: Use for immersion and air; air response time will be slower than if using anactual air probe.
  • Chisel: Need chisel tip for surface temperatures. Penetration and/or air tips will not givean accurate surface reading.
  • Air: Samples air temperatures three times faster than penetration or contact tips.
  • Contact: Measures three times faster than chisel tip.
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