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173a Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter (DMM)


Auto Ranging DMM

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LCD Display: 4000 count with 42 segment bar graph.

REC (Record Mode): Store minimum and maximum readings over a measurement period.

RANGE: Manually select the appropriate range

AC/DC: Manually select AC or DC measurement function.

Continuity Buzzer and Diode Test: Toggle between continuity buzzer or diode test on Ohm function.

High Resolution DCmV Range: Additional 40 millivolt range with 0.01mV resolution for improved accuracy when performing low voltage measurements.

ACV (AC Volts): Measure the voltage of ABS wheel sensors.

DCV (DC Volts): Measure the voltage of circuits and sensors.

Hz/Duty (Duty Cycle): Measure in percent the “ON” time of sensors or other devices.

REL (Relative Mode): Factor out lead resistance for improved low ohm measurements or compare readings to a known standard. Can also be used for differential measurements.

HOLD: Lock the reading on the display for hard to read locations for future reference.

Ω (Ohms, Resistance): Measure the resistance of spark plug wires, coils, sensors, and continuity of wiring.

AC/DC Current Functions (Amps): Measure the parasitic draw from the battery with ignition off.

Hz (Frequency): Measure the frequency of sensors and signals.

CAP (Capacitance): Measure the capacitance of condensors or capacitors found in today’s hybrid automobiles.

Built in Tilt Stand: The tilt stand is built into the instrument housing.

Separate Fuse/Battery Compartment: Easily replace fuses and batteries in this separate compartment .

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