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753a Refrigerant Leak Detector, Push Button Pumped (0.1 oz/yr) c/w Soft Pouch


The 753a features 400 hour sensor life under normal use a spare sensor in included with each instrument for a total of 800 hours of continuous use and can detect leaks as small as 0.1 ounces per year (R134a / R22).

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Pump driven for increased sensitivity with blended refrigerants. Whether testing for leaks in air conditioning, refrigeration, or automotive AC, the versatile 700 series spans the diverse needs of technicians, refrigeration engineers, and maintenance personnel around the globe. From freezer coils to heat pumps, experience fast, reliable results that save you both time and money.

  • 0.1 ounce per year sensitivity
  • Detect all existing refrigerants and blends including 404A, HFO1234YF, PURON® and R-507 (AZ50®)
  • One hand Push Button operation
  • 400 hour individual sensor life; a spare sensor is included with each instrument for a total of 800 hours of continuous sensor use.
  • Fast response; Begin testing immediately after power on

Model 753a Applications

  • Check for leaks in refrigeration systems
  • Test for leaks in air conditioning systems and cooling units
  • Find leaks in automotive air conditioning systems


The TPI 753a is a state-of-the-art refrigerant leak detector capable of detecting all halogen based gases. Selectable sensitivity combined with an adjustable tick rate will allow any service professional to pinpoint those tough to find leaks even in contaminated environments.

Standard Accessories
Sensor: A712
Instruction Manual: 750a Instruction Manual
Soft Pouch A700

Optional Accessories
Soft Case w/strap A755
Earphone A710
Test vial A713


Product Documentationpdf-icon1

Click below to view or download product documentation PDFs:

753a Manual

750a, 753a Product Sheet

Tech Tip Refrigerant Leak Sensors


Frequently Asked Questions

Will TPI refrigerant leak detectors pick up the new 410A PURON refrigerants?
Yes, all of the 700 series refrigerant leak detectors pick up all current refrigerants and blends, including 404A and 410A (PURON).

What is the advantage of the AIT micro tip used in the 753a?
The Advanced Ionization Technology (AIT) micro tip provides increased stability over a standard corona discharge tip. This enables the use of an internal pump to draw the sample across the sensor, increasing overall sensitivity and response of the 753a detector.

Should I buy a thumb wheel “tic” adjust or push button “tic” adjust?
The thumb wheel gives you a manual adjustment and the push button adjusts top reset levels. Both are easy to use and work equally well. It’s simply a matter of personal preference.

Why would I want a pump on my refrigeration leak detector?
Generally, refrigerant leak detectors with pumps respond and clear faster as you enter or leave the leak area. This is most important when locating small leaks.

I have a hard time finding a leak when on a rooftop in windy conditions. Will I be able to find a leak in the conditions with your refrigerant leak detector?
Always remember that the refrigerant will travel with the wind. Position yourself down wind and work your way “up stream” in order to trace down a leak. The harder the wind is blowing, the more the concentration of refrigerant will be diluted in the air. It is difficult to find these leaks, but it can be done.

Is there a way to determine how many parts per million (ppm) a leak of 0.1 ounce per year(oz/yr) is?
A leak of 134a refrigerant measuring 0.1 oz/yr is equivalent to approximately 380 to 400 ppm. A leak measuring 0.2oz/yr is equivalent to approximately 760 to 800 ppm.

Can any TPI refrigerant leak detectors to beused to test for SF6? Sulfer hexafluoride (SF6) is used in high voltage insulation as found in high voltage lines and circuit breakers. SF6 is toxic and emitted into the air when high voltage insulation begins to degrade. The 753a will detect SF6 at a level of 750 ppm or higher.

Is there anything I can do to extend the life of the sensor?
Even though the sensors are very durable, you can extend the sensor life of your leak detector by press fitting a ½” long piece of vinyl tubing onto the sensor tip. This will help prevent foreign material from getting into the sensor during tests. Clean or replace the tube regularly.


 Model 753a Specifications
 Sensitivity 0.1 oz /yr (R22 / R134a)
 Pump Driven Yes
 Scan Mode with High/Low Sensitivity Yes
 Sensor Type AIT Micro Tip
 Spare Sensor Included Yes
 Built-in Alarm No
 Operation Push Button
 Goose Neck Length 16”
 Adjustable Tic Rate Yes
 Leak Indication Audible and Visual
 Alarm Audible and Visual
 Battery 1.5V “C” (2)
 Carrying Case Soft Pouch

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