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SP597 Humidity / Temperature Probe


Smart Hygrometer. Use with Your Smart Phone & free TPI View App to test humidity, temperature, wet bulb, dewpoint and enthalpy.

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The TPI SP597 Smart Humidity / Temperature Probe is used to measure humidity and temperature in heating and cooling systems, ambient air, and in ducts.

It connects to a smart device using the TPI View app. It sends live measurement data and can be used to calculate Enthalpy, Wet Bulb, and Dewpoint using the App.

The SP597 is also capable of logging temperature measurements over time to help identify intermittent problems.

  • Humidity Range: 0 to 100% RH
  • Temperature Range: -4 to +140 °F (-20 to +60 °C)
  • Probe rotates for storage / use
  • Depth adjustable probe magnet for attachment to ducts
  • Connect to Smart Device and use with the TPI View App
  • View “LIVE” Temperature & Humidity Readings
  • Save, e-mail and/or Print Temperature & Humidity readings rooms & ducts
  • Ideal for checking air conditioning system humidifiers
  • Remote Data Logging Function with Multiple instruments logging at the same time
  • Store ALL GPS tagged Test Results within the TPI View Job Management
  • Use to calculate Wet bulb, Dewpoint, and Enthalpy


SP597 Humidity / Temperature Probe Specifications
HumidityRange0%RH to 100%RH
Accuracy+/-3%RH (20%RH to 80%RH) at 25⁰C
+/-5%RH (80%RH) at 25⁰C
TemperatureRange-4⁰F to 140⁰F (-20⁰C to 60⁰C)
Resolution0.1⁰F / 0.1⁰C
Accuracy32⁰F to 140⁰F (0⁰C to 60⁰C) = +/- 0.1⁰F (+/- 0.5⁰C)

GeneralData Logging5,000 readings in 1 sec to 59 min 59 sec intervals
Battery LifeApproximately 200 hours
Battery TypeAAA x 3 alkaline
Operating Temperature32 °F ~ 122 °F (0 °C ~ 50 °C)
Storage Temperature-4 °F ~ 140 °F (-20 °C ~ 60 °C)
Operating Humidity0 ~ 80 %RH
Weight4.52oz (128g)
Bluetooth5.0 (350 foot range depending on obstacles)


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