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390a Digital Salt Tester. Measure Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), salt and temperature for food, water quality and HVAC maintenance.

390a Salt Meter
390a Salt Meter

Easy-to-read LCD display. Measures temperature, TDS concentration and salt levels in solutions.

  • Water: Test TDS levels to determine purity
  • Food: Test the amount of salt in food, seafood, or processed foods
  • Health: Monitor the amount of salt intake
  • Water Filtration: Test for TDS to determine performance level of filtration systems
  • Pools & Spas: Monitor TDS levels to prevent maintenance problems
  • HVAC:
    • Test condensate water in cooling tower and humidifier reservoir applications to prevent bacterial growth
    • Test TDS levels in make-up water to prevent scale formation, corrosion, and embrittlement
    • Reduce water and chemical consump tion in boilers and cooling towers
    • Determine when to perform blowdown and add make-up water
    • Prevent contamina tion and corrosion of control valves, heat exchangers, and steam traps
    • Verify automated TDS contollers are functioning properly
    • Prevent low quality wet steam generation in boilers due to foaming caused by high TDS levels

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390a Digital Salt Meter. Measure Salt Concentration and Temperature.

  • The 390a measures the concentration of dissolved NaCl/TDS in liquids.
  • Simply immerse the tip into liquids to determine the NaCl/TDS content and temperature

What is TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)?
TDS is the sum of all inorganic particulate material.

  • Water contains a variety of minerals and salts, such as calcium, magnesium, carbonate, chloride and nitrate etc.
  • TDS is the parameter used when measuring the total sum of all these compounds in water.
  • TDS is an indicator used for wastewater analysis and measuring mineral content of water.


 Model 390a Specifications
 Salt Measurement  Measurement Method: Electric Conductivity Measurement System
 Range: 0.01% to 5.0%
 Resolution: 0.01% / 0.1%
 • 0.1% to 2% = +/-0.2%
 • 2% to 5% = +/-0.3%
 Temperature Range: 32°F to 212°F (0°C to 100°C)
 TDS Measurement  Range: 0ppm to 2000ppm (mg/L)
 Resolution: 1ppm (mg/L)
 Accuracy: ±20ppm
 Temperature Measurement  Range: 32°F to 212°F (0°C to 100°C)
 Accuracy: ±1°C (2°F) (temp. range 32°F to 158°F / 0°C to 70°C)
 Resolution @ 20°C  • Salt Measurement: 0.1%
 • Temperature: 1°
 Power Supply  CR2032 Battery (2)
 Size  10” x 1.3” x 0.7” (215mm x 30mm x 26mm)
 Weight  2oz (57g)
 Standard Accessories  Sensor protection cap, supporting spoon, manual and batteries

390a Digital Salt Meter Introduction Video

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390a TDS Product Sheet

390A Manual

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390a Salt Meter with Detachable Spoon
390a Salt Meter
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