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Thoroughly testing and diagnosing high efficiency HVACR systems or large surface areas can be labor intensive and expensive. Using the appropriate non-contact thermometer can reduce man hours and help ensure system performance more easily, accurately and affordably.

368 Close-Focus Pocket Size Infrared Thermometer

Instantly read surface temperatures with the 368 Close-focus, pocket-size infrared thermometer without laser.

381a Non-Contact/Contact IR Thermometer

The 381a is a non-contact and contact temperature tester with laser sighting to confirm your target. It uses K-type thermocouples with sub-mini connector for contact measurements.

383 Non-Contact IR Thermometer with Laser Sighting

Measure -31 to +999°F (-35 to 537°C), non-contact (IR) thermometer with laser sighting. Same great features of the 381a with a wider temperature range.

384a Infrared Contact & Non-Contact Thermometer

Measure up to 1,832°F, non-contact (IR) thermometer with laser sighting. Same great features of the 383a with an even wider IR temperature range.

377BT Bluetooth-Enabled Combination Non-Contact IR & Contact Thermometer

The 377BT is a non-contact temperature tester with laser sighting to confirm your target. It features a built in K-type thermocouple input for optional contact temperature measurement and Bluetooth communication capability.

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