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SP1000 IAQ Ambient Air Direct CO2 Meter Smart Probe


Measure ambient COlevels in work & office spaces as well as Commercial Kitchens!

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  • Measure ambient CO2 levels in work & office spaces as well as Commercial Kitchens
  • Communicate with Android & iOS Smart Phone using Bluetooth LE and TPI View App
  • Combine with other TPI Smart Device to View and Record other parameters simultaneously such as Ambient CO & Ambient Temperature readings (DC710 and/or SP341 required)
  • Low cost and lightweight, less than 100 grams
  • Magnet on back for hands free viewing

Range: 0 to 6,000 ppm


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SP1000 Data Sheet

SP1000 Manual

SP1000 Certificate of Conformity



  • Commercial Kitchen Environments
  • Office & work space CO2 build-ups


SP1000 Smart Probe Ambient Air CO2 Meter Specifications
Range0 to 6,000 ppm
Resolution1 ppm
Accuracy0 to 300 ppm + (5% FS + 50 ppm)
301 to 5000 ppm + (3% of rdg + 50 ppm)
5001 to 6000 ppm + (7% of rdg + 50 ppm)
Operating Temperature-20⁰C to 50⁰C (-4⁰F to 122⁰F)
Storage Temperature-20⁰C to 60⁰C (-4⁰F to 140⁰F)
Measurement Interval2 seconds
CommunicationBluetooth version 4.2 (Use with TPI Smart Probe or View app)
IC: 5123A-GBM113
Battery TypeAAA x 3 (4.5V)
Battery Life30 hours typical
Weight99.5 g (3.5 oz)


TPI View App

TPI View App
Smart phone app allows easy documentation that you can share with your customer. Reduce paperwork and save time!

Use your smartphone to interact with TPI’s Smart Devices. Job Management allows you to create multiple JOBS and attach multiple REPORTS to each Job! Give each report a different reference/name; save to an existing JOB or create a NEW one! Learn More

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